Learn And Understand CSS Syntax

Concept Behind CSS Syntax

CSS syntax is based on selector and declaration.Selector is basically HTML element while as declaration consists of CSS proverty and value separated by colon(:) and each declaration end with semicolon(;),and the declaration groups are surrounded by curly braces {}.

Step To Write CSS Syntax

  • Step1- Select HTML selector i.e HTML element. Let us select paragraph element(p)
  • Step2-Apply CSS declaration rule on the HTML selector. Declaration rule is basically CSS property and value that is separated with a colon(:) and each declaration ended with a semicolon and all the declaration statement exists within curly braces{} i.e p{color:red;font-size:20px;}
     h1{ color: blue; text-align: center; }   


Source Code

h1{ color: blue; text-align: center; }

Code Explanation

Note: In the above example, how to write CSS syntax is described.CSS declaration rule is basically proverty and value pair that is separated with colon(:) and each declaration end with semicolon and all declaration rule is mentioned inside curly braces{}.

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