Learn And Understand CSS Z Index Property

CSS Layer Concept(Z-index)

CSS layer concept is based on the stack order of a box and its position value might be one of the absolute, fixed, or relative. Basically, it comes into action when elements also occupy the z-axis. An element having a higher z-index value always lies on another box having a lower z-index value. Z-index value might be an integer value.

.box{position: relative;left: 80px;top: -150px;z-index: -2;}   

Note:The z-index value is used to decide element position inside the stack. The element having a higher z-index value will be top of the stack while the element having a lower z-index value will be bottom of the stack.


General Syntax

.box {
   z-index: -2;

Source Code

.box {
   position: relative;
   left: 80px;
   top: -150px;
   z-index: -2;

Code Explanation

Note:In this example, the CSS z-index concept is described. The HTML element having a higher z-index value will be at the top of the stack.

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