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HTML Tutorial

HTML is basically a markup language that is completely different from programming languages. It stands for HyperText Markup Language and it is used to create web pages and web applications that are rendered by a web browser.

HyperText - It specifies the text that is embedded in the link. When a user clicks on these links then it will open a new web page. Apart from text, hypertext may be HTML tables, HTML lists, HTML forms, HTML images, etc.

Markup Language - Markup language basically uses tags to define elements within the document. It gives instructions to the browser that how the element should appear.

End Users

This tutorial is made for beginners & professionals. Each and every concept is explained with the help of several examples. Users can learn the basic concept and also make the changes in the source and see the result instantly.

How To Gain Maximum

Each and every concept is described briefly with the help of numerous examples. Users have to understand the concept and then try to change the source code and understand the basic functionality.

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